As a compulsive radio channel-hopper, the recent move to loading all infotainment onto touchscreen systems has been rather irritating.

There has been a desperate rush to take almost every button off a dashboard in the pursuit of cleanliness, but I find a quick way of changing radio stations useful, rather than having to come out of the nav screen to swap to a different station.

But thankfully Audi has eschewed this overdevelopment, and still has radio presets. And it provides eight, rather than the usual six, which wins it extra kudos points. It’s yet another reason to be enjoying the simple extreme competence – meant very much as a compliment – of the A4.


Audi A4 2.0 TDI 150 Ultra SE saloon

Mileage 2416
P11D price £29,095
Forecast/actual cost per mile 56.7p/58.7p
Our average consumption 50.6mpg
Official combined consumption 74.3mpg