A real-world fuel consumption figure for our long-term Skoda Superb of 44.5mpg may not seem that impressive next to the official stat that’s way up at 68.9mpg, but I’m not that worried – things will improve.

And here’s the reason. First up, the car arrived with almost no miles on the clock, which means that the engine will still be (in non-engineering terms) tight. Experience and talking to those that know says I’ve got to at least double my current 2000 miles to start seeing better figures.

Secondly, 1000 miles of the total so far have been done with a fully loaded car plus a fully loaded Thule roofbox on top (see picture, below), as the family and I went to visit distant relatives – geographically, not genealogically – over Christmas. In fact, the two fills that cover that distance both came in just over 44mpg, which given the worsened aerodynamics and additional weight the car was carrying, is pretty good. The one fill that covers ‘normal’, non-roofbox driving saw an average of more than 50mpg.

In the next few months there will be plenty of chances to see how the car performs on different types of routes, but I already suspect from a few motorway runs that this is where it will excel, and I should see the average rise significantly over the rest of the time we’re running the Skoda Superb.

Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI 150 SE Business estate

Mileage 2062
P11D price £23,235
Forecast/actual cost per mile 47.2p/49.3p
Our average consumption 44.5mpg
Official combined consumption 68.9mpg