Now that the Superb is starting to cover some proper miles I’m really starting to appreciate the technology in the biggest Skoda.

In particular, I am now a mega-fan of the Apple Carplay system, which is standard kit in all Superbs. It’s genius if you have an iPhone, and like all of Apple’s products and software, it just works.

For the uninitiated, Carplay allows you to plug your phone into the car and use the car’s large infotainment screen to control a select few apps – the kind you’d use in the car, such as your music or, my favourite, my selection of podcasts.

Before Carplay, listening to podcasts on your phone was tricky because (a) it’s illegal to use your handheld phone while driving, and (b) it didn’t always work over Bluetooth.

With Carplay, choosing a podcast is as easy as changing the radio station and the same goes for selecting music.

The system will also read out text messages and you can easily and accurately dictate messages back too – all without touching the phone.

And if you think I’m being brandist, and you’re an Android user, there is a similar system, but sorry – being a bit of an Apple fanboy I haven’t yet tested that out.

Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI 150 SE Business estate

Mileage 4331
P11D price £23,235
Forecast/actual cost per mile 47.6p/49.4p
Our average consumption 46.7mpg
Official combined consumption 68.9mpg