For the first 5000 miles of its life the Skoda Superb produced only average fuel economy figures. No matter how it was driven, either with a heavy or a light right foot, or what sort of route it was driven on, the mpg figure remained at a surprisingly stable 46mpg.

Now, in the most recent 2000 miles plus, the mpg is really starting to improve and head toward the official fuel figure of 68.9mpg. I’m not there yet, but the last three fills have seen the average leap to 53.5mpg, with the last tankful coming in at 57.6mpg.

This sudden improvement has had the knock-on impact of taking the car’s range well above 800 miles – in that most recent tankful I brimmed the car at 750 miles and the trip computer claimed there was still enough diesel to go another 100 miles.

On top of the greater range, the improved efficiency – which I’ve heard reported by other Superb diesel drivers that have passed the 5000-mile mark – had meant a significant drop in fuel costs, with the most recent tank seeing the fuel cost drop to 8p a mile. Before the first 5000 miles the fuel-only cost was typically 11p or 12p a mile.

Fingers crossed the figures only get better as the miles pour on.

Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI 150 SE Business estate

Mileage 8129
P11D price £23,235
Forecast/actual cost per mile 48.6p/50.3p
Our average consumption 47.5mpg
Official combined consumption 68.9mpg