The Discovery Sport kicks off Jaguar Land Rover’s fleet campaign this month, as the firm renews its focus on the corporate market having previously not had enough of the right products to attack it.

It’s really the Jaguar XE that will lead the JLR’s fleet ambitions, and so the Discovery Sport, with its 166g/km CO2 2.2-litre dieselĀ  engine, makes the corporate launch a bit of a soft one.

Land Rover says it had 120 fleet orders before anyone has got behind the wheel, but wouldn’t elaborate any further on volumes or what sort of percentage of sales fleet would represent.

It did say it was expecting a high proportion of customers to be conquest sales and admitted there would be some Range Rover Evoque and Freelander 2 customers that would make the switch.

The Discovery Sport is the first in a family of lifestyle vehicles under the Discovery name, and the idea is that it’s skewed towards practicality, rather than design like the Evoque.

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