Sowerby tells me that Chevin Fleet Solutions have been able to provide more flexible working arrangements and location independent recruitments, meaning they have been able to attract more talent to the business. He says: “We also recognise the importance of staff retention initiatives, as the marketplace becomes more flexible and competitive.

“With our customers, there has been demand for better reporting and insight, more efficient management of maintenance in the workshop and preventative checks of vehicles to avoid costly repairs and extend the life of assets as much as possible. In response to this, we recently launched two new mobile apps – FleetWave Driver and FleetWave Technician. These allow staff to add crucial information directly into FleetWave from wherever they are working.

“Contract re-negotiations, extensions and service schedule changes have also been common, due to the poor availability of new vehicles and reduced mileage against the original plan. We have also seen the addition of new safety checks, such as sanitation and hygiene of vehicles.

“The demand for EV / sustainable solutions into the future is a global trend we continue to support. Better guidance on strategic procurement decisions is a must now.”

Data automation / AI, Better connectivity with data and APIs, Mobile solutions / integration across the operation and in the field, a shift to EV and alternative fuels and a more sustainable operation in general, and last but not least, utilisation of current assets due to the issues with new vehicle delivery. These have all been identified by Sowerby as key growth areas for Chevin. He says: “Having listened and worked closely with our global customer community, these are some of the key growth areas in fleet.”

Sowerby tells me that, to a degree, the lockdowns over the past two-years encouraged system investment to improve communication channels for a remote workforce at Chevin. He says: “We had already embarked on a year of transformation and innovation prior to the pandemic, but the lockdowns themselves accelerated certain areas, such as agile development teams, open communication, and improved processes.

“We would typically visit our global customer base in person, meaning a shift to remote working for ourselves and customers increased the number of virtual touchpoints and opportunity to gain feedback and shape the product roadmap. We have introduced virtual webinars, masterclasses, and customer advisory boards, with high attendance from our customers not needing to travel.

“We have seen an improvement in our general sales and customer activity, working on a remote basis. Reducing commuting time has given us the opportunity to work more with our customers. This in turn has had a significant impact on our people and their overall quality of life, not to mention significantly reducing our carbon footprint. Due to this reduced travel, together with carbon offsetting initiatives, we are very proud to hold carbon neutral status now as a company.”

The power of connectivity is a big focus for Chevin, Sowerby tells me. He says: “So, connecting the supply chain, our customers and simplifying the growing quantity of data and decisions required to be effective. We see our role at Chevin in removing that burden as automatically as possible and simplifying the decisions required for fleet managers and the operation.

“We are continually investing in supporting our customer community and by making it easier for our customers to interact with the platform and the global community, to drive best practice and improvements to the industry overall.

“We continue to be committed to investment in our people and newer technologies – watch this space for the future of FleetWave coming in 2023!”

Sowerby tells me that its Chevin’s global customer base, that is driving their product forward. He says: “Shared global challenges like the chip shortage, a shift to a sustainable future, data connectivity and the onset of new technology, provides Chevin Fleet Solutions with a great opportunity to build and deliver the best solutions, shaped by the market.

“In a world of so much data, it can get very complicated to know what to do for the best. Our user-friendly interface and overall user experience is truly market leading and takes away the complexity for key decision makers.

“Our 32 years of expertise separates us from several our competitors globally. Our proposition has evolved, and our ethos has focused on being innovative, meaning we remain at the forefront of technology when developing our solutions worldwide.”

Sowerby tells me they were delighted to have received the award of Best Fleet Management Software, at the 2022 Business Car Awards. He says: “It is a great industry accolade and recognition for the brilliant people that have made it possible at Chevin Fleet Solutions. 

“The award is a nice reminder that our strategy and direction is the right one, so we will remain focussed on this and continue to reinvest in our people and product to support our growth strategy and product roadmap.”