Grosvenor Leasing’s innovative EValuate solution offers used electric vehicles over flexible lease periods, with an emphasis on electric cars and vans that are two to three years old. 

“Over 80% of Grosvenor Leasing’s new car orders now have zero-emission capability, yet we are conscious that some businesses and drivers remain apprehensive about committing to a fully electric car or van,” said Steve Beadle, head of 0Zone at Grosvenor Leasing.

“Our EValuate solution helps overcome this by offering high quality, ex-contract hire electric vehicles on flexible hire terms, from one month to three years.

“By having the freedom to return the vehicle without commitment after one month, gives companies and their drivers the ability to assess EVs.

“The service also enables you to start with a short-term rental and extend to a longer-term lease if the vehicle meets your needs, with all of the usual benefits of contract hire.”

Latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders reveal that one in six cars now sold are battery electric, with the majority bought by businesses.

Electric vehicles are the fastest growing part of the car market, closely followed by plug-in hybrids. Together they account for nearly one quarter of all cars sold.

A similar story is starting to emerge for vans as more manufacturers offer commercial vehicles with a plug; currently, one in 20 new vans sold is electric.

The Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate came into law at the start of this year and is intended to drive rapid change. By 2030, 80% of new cars and 70% of new vans sold must be zero-emission models, increasing to 100% by 2035. This year, 22% of new car sales and 10% of new van sales must be zero emission vehicles. So, what does that mean for your business if you haven’t yet begun the process of transitioning to EVs?

The simple answer is that change is coming, so it’s important to consider how you will begin your own shift to electric.

Expert advice is key, and Grosvenor Leasing’s award-winning 0Zone team will review your key requirements, and advise on the most suitable EVs; putting forward the EValuate solution if a ‘trial period’ is deemed necessary.

“The quality of advice from our 0Zone team has been a key factor in so many of our customers having the confidence to move to plug-in technology,” said Steve.

“It is also the support we offer to drivers that helps them reach the right choices, and we look in detail at each driver’s work patterns, geographical coverage and how they use their company vehicle.

“The outcome is that not all drivers are sure that they can accommodate a fully electric vehicle, which is why innovative solutions such as EValuate are so useful in offering a flexible trial.”

Thanks to Grosvenor Leasing’s forward-thinking approach, companies operating van fleets also have additional flexibility when moving to electric vehicles.

Through its ‘Electric Van Flexible Switch” programme customers can source an ICE (internal combustion engine) van through a flexible contract that enables them to switch to an EV without penalty when suitable zero-emission technology becomes available. This innovation resolves urgent van replacement needs, while embedding the process of transitioning to zero-emission vehicles in company strategy.

“We always look at everything from the customer’s perspective,” continued Steve, “and we can see there is a real dilemma when committing to an EV for the next three or four years if you haven’t had a chance to trial whether it’s suitable or not.

“This is why we have added as much flexibility into our funding solutions as we can.

“The most important learning is that while every company’s journey will be unique to them, it doesn’t have to be challenging. 

“It is also cost-effective to transition if you have the right strategy in place. Leasing minimises the upfront costs of change and electric vehicles can help to reduce transport spending.”

In addition to its funding solutions, Grosvenor also has a specialist fleet management team at Interactive Fleet Management that provides drivers with all the help and guidance they need on the road. Its award-winning Oscar365 fleet management system and OscarGO driver app also provide valuable insights and data to ensure businesses maximise the value of changing to electric vehicles.

Grosvenor can also help to expand the benefit of electric vehicles to all staff, through its market-leading salary sacrifice service. This enables employees to lease an electric vehicle using their pre-tax salary and can reduce the cost of sourcing a new car by 40%. The salary sacrifice scheme can also be used to fund the installation of a home charger.

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