So far, in 2022 alone, Engineius’ award-winning, technology-enabled service has saved fleets 1,838,232t of CO2 just by adopting a greener approach to vehicle movement. All fleets are tasked with finding new ways to reduce their emissions and this is a great place to start. 

How is this saving achieved? We don’t use chaser vehicles. This outdated practice more than doubles the miles driven for a delivery. Our EV deliveries are driven and not transported on diesel trucks, and we offer an entirely digital journey. Like in many aspects of life these wins are small yet should not be overlooked. Collectively they provide significant steps towards a greener environment.

A single vehicle movement historically created several pieces of paper for each transaction, which is not a particularly green process either. The Engineius digital journey removes the need for unnecessary paperwork and takes the whole process online, reducing administration and processing costs.

Engineius can help whether you run a fleet of 20,000 vehicles or just two. It is an on-demand service with no minimum order requirement or licence fee. Our one-stop shop offering can cater for all your vehicle movement needs whether driven, plated or transported operating across the whole of the UK.

How do our customers feel about working with Engienius?

“As a premium luxury retailer, our customers expect a seamless experience at every step of their journey with us,” says Andy Wady, Brand Director at Jardine Motors Group. “Combine this with our reputation as industry leaders, we’re always working to stay one step ahead of consumer expectations. You can now order anything from food to medication online and track delivery in real-time – this is becoming the standard and the automotive industry is no exception. This is why we’ve partnered with Engineius; to give customers full transparency and control over their vehicle movement requirements.”

Who else do we work with?

Literally, anyone who needs to move a vehicle from A to B. Engineius’ service is utilised across many automotive sectors including; fleets, accident management, breakdown and recovery, SMR, rental, remarketing, leasing, auction and dealerships. Our clients benefit from the scale of our operation, a diversity of locations and the requirements of all customers as the technology logically links jobs together. The minimising of ’empty legs’ makes a massive contribution to increased efficiency in vehicle movement and is yet another win for reduced emissions.  

Engineius is driven by technology, and all users will benefit from our commitment to ongoing research and development to continually improve our digital journey and reduce the impact of vehicle movement on the environment. 

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