Transport is one of the largest contributors to a business’s carbon footprint, so it is often the first place companies look to reduce their environmental impact. For organisations that own or lease their fleet, switching to greener vehicles is relatively easy, although it may need to be a gradual transition. However for those relying, even partly, on a grey fleet it is likely to be more of a challenge. 

Grey fleet – vehicles owned by employees that are used for business travel – offer companies and their staff a convenient travel solution. Indeed, a recent Europcar study found that employees of 4 in 5 businesses (81%) use their own vehicles for company travel; 38% always use their own vehicles and 43% use their own sometimes. 

The unknown risks of grey fleet

Although convenient and having less of an impact on the balance sheet, reliance on grey fleet comes with risks. Firstly there’s the Duty of Care responsibilities.  Vehicles must be fit for purpose, maintained and insured. Yet, as highlighted in a new report, ‘Switching sustainability from buzzword to business benefit’, Europcar research found that a lack of mandatory vehicle checks and checking driving licences is exposing businesses when it comes to Duty of Care. 

Less than 40% said they undertake mandatory vehicle checks and only 35% check driving licences. A similar percentage check insurance cover. 

Plus, coming into sharper focus as the government puts its energy behind decarbonisation is the environmental consequences of grey fleet use. The Europcar research found that, from an environmental perspective, businesses are taking steps to make their grey fleets more sustainable. It found 43% impose limits on vehicle emissions. The same percentage offer incentives to employees to drive hybrid or electric vehicles and 39% have vehicle age limits in place. 

However, the reality is there’s still a large population of grey fleet that just might not be green. To help these firms, Europcar is expanding its EV fleet with an ever-wider choice of vehicles to meet all business needs. From the compact ORA Funky Cat and MG4 models to the larger Tesla 3 and Mercedes-Benz EQ EVs. 

The right partner 

With access to a fleet of young vehicles – as well as the growing choice of fully electric models – all available daily, weekly, monthly or longer, Europcar is the ideal partner for an organisation’s sustainability journey. The essential compliance for Ultra Low and Clean Air Zones is addressed whether opting for ICE or electric, as well as cutting emissions compared to a typically older grey fleet. And, available for delivery and collection to and from an employee’s office or home address, business efficiency is improved too.  

Plus, Europcar is helping employers manage mileage, further contributing to a reduction in carbon footprint. And Duty of Care responsibilities are covered because the vehicles are serviced and maintained to industry standards.

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