Many smaller fleets feel that they can’t justify the costs of outsourcing, but in reality it could still be the least expensive option. Moving a vehicle with internal resources may sound like the simplest solution, but often isn’t the best option, particularly when consideration is given to lost productive time, potential loss of revenue and the associated transport costs. 

Smaller fleets, like small businesses and charities, often feel that they can’t justify the cost of outsourcing and endeavour to do the job themselves. Although this can potentially fix their problem, sometimes the real cost actually works out more than if they appointed a specialist to take on the job.

The cost and implications of ‘doing it yourself’ need to be considered very carefully. This is not simply one, or possibly two individuals missing from the business to make the required movement, the impact is usually negative and far-reaching.

Imagine a business needing to get a vehicle from Oxford to Yorkshire. Once those details are entered into the Engineius system, the customer receives a price within 30 seconds, but in pricing that job, the system will also link other jobs that could support that route. If, for example, on the same day the job is requested there are jobs from Yorkshire to Manchester and Manchester to Oxford, those 3 jobs become a day’s plan for one driver. The cost efficiencies of connecting these jobs are reflected in a lower price for each leg of the journey.

For a business to make this delivery themselves, let’s assume the distance is 185 miles for one leg and another colleague follows in a chaser vehicle, the total miles driven is 555. In terms of productivity, this equates to two people lost from the business for a day and in environmental terms using a chaser vehicle more than doubles the carbon output.

Engineius’ vision is to make vehicle movement easy for all, from a large contract hire and leasing business to a fleet with fewer than 10 vehicles.

The award-winning technology used by Engineius uses algorithms which link jobs together, where possible from their mix of customers, but most importantly for each customer to benefit from one another. Scale makes the vehicle movements less expensive for all.

Engineius is a one-stop-shop for all vehicle movements, whether driven, plated or transported. It is an on-demand service with no joining fee and no minimum service usage. However, all movements combine to provide geographical diversity and greater coverage across the UK.

Once a job is accepted, Engineius takes care of the logistics, allowing the customer to focus on their business. This award-winning system allows them to track their vehicle whilst it is on the move, and with advanced text alerts and photographs visible in real-time, the customer remains firmly in control.

All fleets deserve a polished and professional vehicle movement service, so no matter what the size of your fleet, you can arrange a free demo of the portal and discuss how Engineius could support you. Register by scanning this QR code:

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