For many businesses, the current new car supply shortage and hybrid working model has left them with a somewhat curious dilemma.  

New vehicles are not available to replace company cars at the end of their lease or contract. But there’s a car park full of pool cars not being used by employees who are now working from home. 

Putting pool cars to work could be the answer. However, for many businesses, they don’t have the technology and resources to manage pool car usage. 

Europcar does!

Tap and Go

Europcar’s innovative ‘Tap and Go’ technology can be installed into a company’s pool car, supported by an easy-to-use booking platform for a well-managed and clever way to keep employees mobile when they need to be – without relying on their own vehicles.

Using an all-devices app, drivers can book their own rental and access the vehicle in the car park with just a tap of their smartphone on the windscreen. And fleet and travel managers can monitor the use of their business fleet efficiently with monitoring and reporting, via the platform providing real-time updates on bookings, vehicle utilisation and even CO2 consumption. 

Take just the tech – or the cars too

Europcar can supply the tech for a company’s existing pool car fleet. There’s no need to rent vehicles from us. 

If you need cars too, our full corporate car sharing service includes vehicle maintenance and cleaning, safety checks, fuel card and roadside assistance.

No grey areas

On demand corporate car sharing not only means business mobility keeps moving; it helps reduce reliance on grey fleet – employees’ own vehicles – which tend to be older, less reliable, more polluting and are not usually fitted with the latest safety features. Knowing more about the vehicles employees are driving supports the duty of care obligations of every business.

There’s a sustainability benefit too. Research from CoMoUK, the shared transport charity, shows that a car share scheme can have significant benefits in reducing congestion and emissions. Each shared vehicle can take 18.5 vehicles off the road and typically shared vehicles are more environmentally friendly, emitting on average 26.5% lower carbon emissions compared with the average UK car. Businesses that create their own corporate car share scheme could be part of that ‘green’ story.

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