A recent Government inquiry by the House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee highlighted that in the road to zero ‘progress is not happening fast enough, and major barriers remain’ including charging anxiety as well as the cost and availability of vehicles. A pervading culture of misinformation was identified as a key issue in deterring businesses and private motorists from making the switch to EVs.

Europcar is tackling the perceptions problem head-on with a clear strategy to make electric vehicles accessible without long-term financial commitments or penalties. Rental for a few days, weeks or months not only makes EVs easily accessible without any availability delays; it also puts employees in the driving seat to test them in real-world conditions.

Working with many businesses, Europcar is helping them understand where electric motoring might impact productivity – and how to mitigate against that. A range of electric cars and vans have been added to the Europcar fleet in the past year including models from GWM ORA, Mercedes, MG, and Tesla. And more makes and models will be available during 2024 to help companies take a road of discovery and learn which EVs will be right for them.

Companies and their employees are discovering that ‘range anxiety’ really doesn’t have to be a barrier. Often the normal daily mileage of someone driving for business doesn’t mean they need to stop to charge during the working day. A charge at home outside of working hours, or at business premises can provide the range they need. And for those that do go the distance, Europcar’s partnership with Zapmap means they can easily plan where they can stop for a charging top up without significant delay.

Rental also provides a sustainable alternative to ownership. Why commit to long-term ownership of vehicles that will stand idle for much of the working week? 

On a mission to eliminate the FUD 

Europcar is on a mission to dispel the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt about electric motoring. A wealth of information is available on the Europcar Digital EV Guide; a network of Certified Electric Vehicle Experts support customers at vehicle handover and information about charging options helps businesses and drivers work out what’s the best solution for them at home, work and at the roadside.

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