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Roddy Graham's Blog: 26 March 2009 - Hannan fame

Date: 26 March 2009

Roddy Graham is chairman of the ICFM and commercial director of Leasedrive Velo

It's flattering to know that people like reading the BusinessCar blogs. Some have even told me that they are compulsive reading. Blogging certainly does seem to reach the parts others cannot reach.

An MEP, Daniel Hannan, certainly seems to think so. He made a speech to the European Parliament that has sky-rocketed him into the political stratosphere. It wasn't publicised but hit the charts when it got picked up in the States. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, eat your heart out.

If you're interested you can view it on YouTube here.

In his blog, Daniel Hannan, attempts to understand why. I've reproduced some of his blog below. Highlighted is his reference to the power of blogs.

The answer is that political reporters no longer get to decide what's news. The days when a minister gave briefings to a dozen lobby correspondents, and thereby dictated the next day's headlines, are over. Now, a thousand bloggers decide for themselves what is interesting. If enough of them are tickled then, bingo, you're news.

Now when I first started this blog, I wondered how effective it might be, or how long it might last. Well, I'm still writing some two years down the road. Regular readers know full well I'm not shy of the odd rant - all with due reason.

Clearly, with a changing media landscape, blogs have a more powerful place. Hence, why I participate. It gives me voice for strongly held opinions - ones which I hope are shared by others.

If you thought Mr Hannan was having a go, watch this space.

I'm girding myself for a big pop at Government.