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Jack Carfrae's blog: Is the leasing industry behind the times?

Date: 16 July 2014   |   Author: Jack Carfrae

Jack Carfrae is deputy editor of BusinessCar

It isn't often that the leasing industry is accused of being behind the times, but it seems there's a corner of the fleet community that thinks it's very much the case in our June 17, cover story.

Three notable telematics companies have been vocal about the leasing firms' late arrival to the sector and a supposed reluctance to engage with the technology to offer a proper solution to their clients.

It's odd when you consider the tech-related focus of a lot of the big leasing firms in recent times - Alphabet's Alphaelectric electric vehicle (EV) programme and Arval's Smart Experience spring to my mind.

There are signs that the tide is turning, partly as a result of demand from customers and also because of the evolution of telematics systems as a whole, with up-to-date solutions that potentially make them more palatable and useful to fleets and leasing companies.

With that in mind, perhaps the reason for the leasing firms lagging behind may have been a case of six of one and half a dozen of the other, as the telematics industry might not have been as in-tune with the needs of leasing companies as it could have been until recently - hence the recent change in attitudes.

Whatever your opinion, this debate can only encourage entries to our forthcoming fleet technology awards - the Techies. Full entry details can be found at and its a chance for you to prove your company's mettle in the technology stakes, be they telematics, leasing-related or otherwise, so get your entries in!