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Motorway service stations fail drivers

Date: 12 January 2012

High-mileage fleet drivers seeking rest and revival stops at Britain's motorway service areas continue to be ripped off with inflated prices and are deterred from restorative sleep by the threat of parking fines, according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

The IAM's chief exec Simon Best warned that "outrageous" prices and fear of fines could discourage tired drivers from making necessary safety stops. He called for a comprehensive review of motorway prices, including forcing the fuel facilities to provide comparative prices for their diesel and petrol against high-street competitors. A litre of petrol costs an average of 10p more on motorway forecourts.

Research undertaken by the IAM of a cross section of food and drink showed that motorway shops charged between 3% and 43% more than their high-street counterparts. The highest differential was for a packet of McCoys crisps, which at £1.67 cost 44% more in a Motorway outlet.

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