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New diagnostic tool offers fleet CO2 emissions data

Date: 11 March 2019   |   Author: Sean Keywood

A new diagnostic tool aims to help fleet managers track the CO2 emissions of their vehicles. 

Smart Fleet Cloud from Emtec Corporation provides independent CO2 dashboard data for petrol, diesel and hybrid engines. 

The cloud-based platform receives data from connected vehicles via smart devices, which can then be used to provide real-time and independent analysis of vehicle performance and driver behaviour, which along with CO2 emissions includes acceleration and hard braking metrics, vehicle location and trip history. 

In the near future it will also cover electric vehicles (EVs) by measuring a company's overall energy management strategy, and providing the carbon and cost impact of vehicle batteries, chargers, stationary energy storage and electricity prices.

Emtec's CO2 algorithm has been authenticated with the motor industry testing facility Milbrook.

Emtex CEO Martin Wedge said Smart Fleet Cloud could help managers accurately target and train errant drivers, or simply remove poor-performing vehicles, rather than being swayed by factors such as the so-called demonisation of diesel.

He said: "Ditching diesel is based purely upon an emotional knee-jerk based on older, polluting engines, rather than independent science around new-generation engines.

"Businesses need to have the accurate and verifiable data - hard facts - to understand where their pollution problems lie, and if diesel can still form part of their fleet mix, for example.

"Through our proprietary dashboard, targeted organisations with fleets, including international businesses, government departments, local authorities with light vehicle fleets and vehicle manufacturers, will receive an accurate, real-time and comprehensive view of their vehicles' economic and carbon footprints with a view to automate planning that reduces future operational costs and emissions."