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Mobile mechanics might be key to keeping essential fleets on the road during lockdown

Date: 03 April 2020   |   Author: Illya Verpraet

Although garages can stay open, mobile mechanics have an important role to play in keeping fleets operating during the lockdown, Epyx says.

The automotive ecommerce provider's vice president and commercial director, Tim Meadows, said: "Firstly, for fleets that are involved in delivering essential services and transporting key workers, mobile can provide the means for more flexible SMR provision, ensuring that vehicles stay roadworthy that might otherwise be difficult to maintain and repair.

"Someone who has been working straight through for days on end can have work carried out at their home when they finally get some time off, while another person who is unavoidably working every day can have it done at their place of employment."

Mobile services can also be a solution for people who are self-isolating, as their vehicles can be kept in roadworthy condition for when they may need it again, with a minimal risk of infection. 

Meadows also commented: "Clearly, some SMR work unavoidably requires a workshop visit for a variety of reasons but there is a very high degree of capability among mobile mechanics."

Epyx's 1Link platform includes the option of booking a mobile mechanic for maintenance.