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Two-thirds of UK fleet vehicles ready to electrify, Geotab finds

Date: 18 April 2024   |   Author: Sean Keywood

66% of cars and vans on UK fleets are suitable for replacement by EVs, according to research by Geotab.

The telematics company has analysed data from fleets operated by public and private sector organisations, and established that switching these vehicles would be both practical in terms of range, and would save their operators money.

The UK is one of seven countries in which Geotab has conducted this research, and came out top of the national rankings, ahead of Canada (50% ready to electrify), Spain (43%), the United States (38%), Germany (35%), Italy (28%), and France (20%).

The research, among what Geotab calls 'light duty' fleets, has been carried out for its new 'Taking Charge: On the Road to an EV Future' report, using its EV Suitability Assessment tool.

It said the UK's 66% figure was based on a seven-year replacement cycle, and that extending this to ten years would push the figure up to 73%, based on EVs having a longer useable lifespan than ICE vehicles due to expected SMR savings.

For an EV replacement to be considered range-capable, Geotab says it would need to be able to cover 98% of a vehicle's daily usage in a year on a single charge, with the other 2% said to allow for abnormal outlier days.

Geotab said that by going electric, UK organisations could reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) per vehicle by £13,279 over a seven-year period.

Geotab vice president for the UK and Ireland David Savage said: "The idea that the UK is not ready for mass EV adoption is a fallacy. On the contrary, it's time for British businesses to 'double down' on fleet electrification - not just for the good of the environment and our collective climate goals but for their bottom line. 

"A visionary CEO of a business operating a vehicle fleet could effectively pay their own salary by going electric, thanks to EVs' financial savings."