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Geotab reveals new fleet management tools

Date: 16 February 2024   |   Author: Sean Keywood

New fleet management tools have been launched by Geotab.

These include: Geotab Safety Centre, designed to help manage fleet performance risks: Enhanced Collision Detection, designed to advance how fleets can detect both major and minor collisions; and Geotab Ace, described as an AI co-pilot for fleets, offering tailored insights from billions of daily data points.

The Geotab Safety Centre also incorporates an AI-driven tool. Available within the My Geotab platform, it is billed as helping fleet managers to focus their time on coaching and making operational decisions based on objective data, predictive collision analytics and peer fleet benchmarking.

Geotab vice president of product management Sabina Martin said: "With Geotab Safety Centre, we're not just providing visibility into risks, we're helping companies to predict and prevent them.

"Our enhanced and predictive collision insights put data-driven decisions at our customers' fingertips, helping to transform the way they approach safety, and ultimately fostering safer roads for everyone."

Geotab Ace follows on from Project G, a beta generative AI project on which Geotab collaborated with customers during 2023. It boasts access to an expansive array of data, including predictive safety analytics, predictive maintenance, trip data, zone activity, electric vehicle statistics, exception events, GPS tracking, and more.

This is said to allow it to provide nuanced answers to a broader range of complex questions while remembering past interactions to improve future responses. It is also designed to provide personalised answers tailored to a business in the context of how a fleet has been configured in MyGeotab.

Geotab vice president of data and analytics Mike Branch said: "Geotab Ace represents not just an evolution in fleet management, but the next step in harnessing the power of trusted data. 

"By bringing the intuitive simplicity of conversational AI directly into the Geotab platform, we are transforming the way fleets interact with their data, crafting a future where insights are immediate, intelligent, and instrumental to success."