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Our Fleet Test Drive: Ford Focus - 9th Report

Date: 27 September 2011   |   Author:

Parked up

The Focus Ecoboost is designed to offer the performance of a larger capacity unit yet the economy of a smaller one.

Our petrol 1.6-litre offers 150hp, more than the 2.0-litre in the last Focus, yet an official fuel economy figure almost 8mpg better at 47.1mpg. In the real world I've averaged 34.1mpg, and it's been fairly consistent across its 17 fills. Apart from a rogue sub-30mpg tank early on, I've been between 31.8-37.6mpg on every tank, regardless of whether the Focus has been in urban or motorway environments.

The furthest I've managed on a single tank is a disappointing 24 miles short of 400, and at the point I stopped playing chicken with the fuel gauge the trip computer was reading 14 miles to empty. So I was surprised that the tank appeared to still be more than 10% full, as I squeezed 47 litres of fresh unleaded into the 55-litre tank.

While a diesel would take me further between fills, both the extra £1000 on the list price for a diesel with similar performance, and the cheaper cost of unleaded, are keeping me happy when I make the fairly frequent trips to the pumps.

Ford Focus 1.6 Ecoboost?Titanium
Mileage7861 miles
Our average consumption34.1mpg
Forecast CPM51.7p
Actual CPM53.9p