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Our Fleet Test Drive: Volvo V60 Driv-e - 10th Report

Date: 18 November 2011   |   Author: Jack Carfrae


I've been fortunate enough to take up the reigns of the V60 from my predecessor at BusinessCar, Rachel Burgess, so hopefully I can bring a fresh pair of eyes to the table.

A large, premium estate represents a seismic shift from the string of small, diesel hatchbacks I've been used to living with, but it's impressive that a car this big and bulky manages to duck just beneath the 120g/km emissions mark.

There's a suitably branded-up Driv-e button on the centre console, which, at first sight, appears to green-up the Volvo even more. The reality, however, is that it just turns the stop/start system on and off, so isn't something you'd realistically pay much attention to. The stop/start itself works well and I haven't yet had to put up with the engine humming away and chewing through fuel while I'm drumming my fingers at traffic lights, as is often the case in certain less-effective rival systems.

Meanwhile, as is usual for a Swedish wagon, comfort, solidity and safety remain the hallmarks.

Volvo V60 Driv-e 1.6 115hp SE
Claimed combined consumption62.8mpg
Our average consumption41.1mpg
Forecast CPM59.4p
Actual CPM62.5p