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Chevin: Improving a winning formula

Date: 23 January 2015   |   Author:


That flexibility is described as like Lego by Sowerby. "We have all these different elements and we can build you what you want - one client wants an airport so we build them an airport, another wants a fire station so we build them a fire station," he explains. "What customers are buying is 24 years of experience. They don't want us turning up with a bucket of bricks and saying what shall we build; they want our experience, and then they may configure extra elements."

The company runs customer user groups several times a year to garner customer feedback, as well as educating clients on the latest updates. "One of the questions we always ask at these meetings is, 'what are you still doing in Excel'?", says Chevin's boss, highlighting the recent addition of pivot table (a data summarisation tool) reporting found on spreadsheets.

Wider technology also has an impact, with Sowerby pinpointing the likes of Facebook and Google from a functionality perspective. "How is the user experience and what can we learn from that?" he asks. "The ideal for me is to get to the point where we don't have to train people how to use Fleetwave; no one has ever been trained how to use Facebook, but the user experience is such that it's quite obvious where to go."