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BusinessCar Office Blog: 13 February 2009 - Keep moving

Date: 13 February 2009   |   Author: Tom Webster

When the South of England woke to find itself redecorated by a soft eiderdown-like layer of snow, my housemates and I all rapidly jumped online to check out our travel prospects for the day.

Sadly we were not the only ones with that plan, and various London and nationwide public transport websites were struggling to take the strain. Editor Young handily pointed those of us who rely on the car and the motorway network in the direction of a much more useful site. uses live images from CCTV cameras stationed on main motorway routes throughout the country. From the comfort of our homes, Tristan and I were able to see that there was no point in taking unnecessary risks by venturing out on to the snow-covered M25.

Since then, I've been hooked to the site - because of its real time images it is invaluable when it comes to journey planning. I can pop on to see just how bad the tailbacks are on the motorway I'm about to set out onto. Head to to try it out.