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BusinessCar Office Blog: 23 December 2008 - It's not right, but we did it

Date: 23 December 2008   |   Author: Tristan Young

Not sure what's got into me recently. I've still got my competitive streak which is particularly prevalent in my driving, but rather than being directed toward making forward progress (see my 6 penalty points), it's been directed to improving my fuel consumption.

The other day I got more than 55mpg out of our long term Audi TT, which is admittedly a diesel.

Now I've just got 34mpg out of a Porsche 911 on my 50 mile commute to work. Now clearly, if you can afford a Porsche 911, you're not going to worry that much about the price of fuel, but it shows two things rather neatly.

Firstly, Porsche's new engine tweaks that bring the 911 down to the 33% benefit-in-kind tax level have worked (improved CO2 and mpg figures - more on that in the upcoming test drive).

Secondly, it's how you drive that can make the biggest difference. My 34mpg figure was done on my morning's commute which is nearly 50 miles of almost all clear motorway. There was no cruise control so I kept the speed to between 65 and 70mph, with no sudden increases or decreases in speed.

Actually it also shows it is possible to beat the car maker's official fuel figure which in the Porsche's case is 29.4mpg.