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Damian James' Blog: 21 December 2009 - Crash

Date: 21 December 2009

Damian James is Head of Transport Provision for Bracknell Forest Council and a technology champion

The snow has hit the South East and caused the usual chaos. Of course it had to come on the last day of term as well which has added to the confusion as some schools are closed and pupils can start their holidays earlier. At least the kids will be having fun in the snow but for most of us it's just another headache to deal with.

There was a very interesting and heartbreaking series of articles on the BBC website this week called Crash. (Among other things it highlighted the effect of a road death on a family). I saw a presentation recently that dealt with the same subject and I think its right that this information should be published and broadcast. Whilst it may be shocking and in some cases graphic we all need to understand what the potential implications are when we drive. Crash showed the process that is followed by the police and ambulance services when there is a serious accident.

There is also an interactive map which shows all the fatalities on the roads in the last 10 years. This brings it home to you when you put in your postcode and you can see how many deaths there have been near where you live.

I know it's not a cheery subject to talk about at this time of year but for some this Christmas will be the first without a family member who has been killed as a result of a road crash. With today's weather in mind let's all be careful out there and drive at the appropriate speed for the conditions. Having said that if you don't need to go out, don't. I would stay inside and keep warm instead.

On a different note I wrote a few weeks ago about sending my driving licence back to the DVLA to get my photo updated. I was very pleased to get it back two weeks after I had sent it with all my categories still intact.

Anyway I hope everyone has a very safe and happy Christmas and I shall be back in the New Year.