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Roddy Graham's Blog: 23 April 2008 - Budget disappointment

Date: 23 April 2009

Roddy Graham is chairman of the ICFM and commercial director of Leasedrive Velo

So the Chancellor did not take heed of my recommendations, nor those of the BVRLA, regarding his scrappage scheme. What a surprise!

The proposed scheme sees the Government requiring vehicle manufacturers to match its £1000 contribution, resulting in a rush to the doors of Whitehall for those in most trouble. They have until March next year to rid themselves of unsold new stock.

At least it was good to see that a potential loophole for speculators had been blocked - only those owning a 10-year-old car or older for more than 12 months need apply. And then they must produce a valid MOT certificate. So no wide boys buying up rust heaps to pocket a quick two grand.

And the scrappage scheme applies to vans too.

For vehicle leasing and rental companies, this announcement was a non-event, which has been a huge disappointment for the BVRLA who lobbied hard for it to include nearly new cars.

Elsewhere fuel duty rises remain in place.

Overall not great news, especially as we will be paying for the disastrous actions of the current Government until very late into the next decade. And that's the Chancellor saying it! Who the hell can predict Budget deficits five years hence, let alone 10 years hence!

Roll on the next election to get this shambolic regime out of office.

Polls suggest Ken Clarke has the highest rating in the land as an economic guru.

I'm not convinced any are much good but none can be worse than the last two Scots who have held the office of one of the most important positions in the country.

And that's coming from a fellow Scot!