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Cleaner BMW 1-series due 'within three years'

Date: 26 July 2012   |   Author: Jack Carfrae

BMW is working on a cleaner and more economical version of the 1-series Efficient Dynamics that's due for production in less than three years.

Speaking about the model, Hans-Joachim Engles, manager for total vehicle functions for the 1-series and 3-series, told BusinessCar: "Within the next three years there will be a significant step. If we talk again in two years I can tell you more."

The current model emits 99g/km and returns 74.3mpg, and though figures have yet to be confirmed for the future model, 90g/km or less is likely.

Speaking about the 3-series, Engles explained that an Efficient Dynamics version of the Touring estate model had not been introduced on the outgoing version because it did not cross any significant emissions boundaries for the UK market, although it was on sale overseas in countries where the emissions system was more favourable.

He said there was a possibility of an Efficient Dynamics version of the new 3-series Touring going on sale in the UK: "There is a discussion going on about it but it has to be decided."

BMW has also unveiled an xDrive four-wheel drive version of the 1-series available with the 120d diesel engine and the 135i petrol variants.

The model has yet to be confirmed for the UK but a spokesperson for the firm said that other four-wheel drive variants are likely to precede it after the 3-series xDrive arrives later this year: "On the continent it has traditionally gone 3, 5, 7 then 6-series [for models fitted with four-wheel drive]. We wouldn't take a different route in the UK."

Speaking to BusinessCar in May, BMW UK's managing director Tim Abbott said that the firm would be gradually rolling out four-wheel drive variants of its passenger cars in the UK in response to harsh winters and Audi's success with its quattro models: "[Apart from the X-series of SUVs] We've never had four-wheel drive on right-hand drive before, and you only need a couple of harsh winters to increase interest.

"Every new model as we go forward will probably have four-wheel drive."

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