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Alphabet warns of Adblue misuse ahead of Euro 6 roll-out in September

Date: 05 August 2015   |   Author: Daniel Puddicombe

Fleets could see their diesel vehicles from September 2015 immoblised if they fail to prepare for changes to diesel exhaust emission rules, top-three BC50 leasing company Alphabet has warned.

From 1 September, all new cars and light commercial vehicles weighing under 1305kg must comply with the EU6 exhaust emissions standard for diesel vehicles.

Most diesels now require an exhaust additive called Adblue, which neutralises NOx emissions.

Most vehicles carry a sufficient quantity to last between service intervals, however Alphabet has warned that certain types of journeys, such as stop/start urban trips, could use up a vehicle's Adblue reserve before a service is due, requiring it to be topped up by drivers or depot staff.

Adblue liquids have to be poured directly into an Adblue tank, as opposed to the vehicle's fuel tank.

Misuse of Adblue, such as failing to take action when warnings appear, can be costly to put right, as the vehicle may be immoblised.  

"Adblue is crucial to many engines in this next generation of diesel technology," said Matt Sutherland, chief operating officer at Alphabet.  It's good news for fleet managers and drivers who benefit from improved efficiency and reduced emissions. It's important that fleet managers and diesel drivers understand what Adblue is, what their responsibilities are and how to use it."
"Fleet managers need to ensure that their organisation's vehicle policy includes clear instructions around the use and misuse of Adblue, in the same way that they do currently with mis-fuelling petrol with diesel or adding other fluids like oil," said Sutherland.