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Our Fleet Test Drive: Citroen DS5 Hybrid4 Dsport - 10th Report

Date: 20 August 2013   |   Author: Guy Bird

The hybrid DS5 is now clean, but it's not as green or as efficient as the official 74.1mpg figure suggests.
Mileage 7144
Our average consumption 43.5mpg
Forecast CPM 67.3p
Actual CPM 71.7p

Frustration at unachievable official fuel figures for our respective long-term test cars caused me to hatch a plan with BusinessCar colleague Tristan Young to swap vehicles.

Our hypothesis was the Citroen DS5 hybrid should do better in my mainly urban driving and the long-geared diesel i30 should improve on Mr Young's mixed use journeys.

Tristan managed 62.2mpg from a tank in the Hyundai i30 1.6 CRDi 110 Blue Drive - only 81.5% of Hyundai's claimed 76.3mpg - but way better than my 48.1mpg best. How would I fare in the DS5? I was impressed with the auto's low-speed progress, so much easier than the long-geared diesel (see report, above right). In the city the DS5 offered pleasing stints of zero-emission travel and its regenerative braking was a real boon in controlling the car coasting up to traffic lights and then, with a gentle throttle press, moving off without engaging the engine at all. Trouble is, over my short test, I only managed 37.5mpg - half its official 74.1mpg. Despite this and other flaws - such as no postcode satnav or anywhere sensible to put a phone or cup - I still prefer the DS5's feel-good combination of beautiful exterior, quality-fit interior and smooth, if fleeting, EV moments. 


  • Stunning exterior, luxury interior.
  • Annoying design flaws, mpg expectations.