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Our Fleet Test Drive: Seat Leon ST - 13th report

Date: 21 January 2015   |   Author: Tony Rock

The Seat Leon likes to add its two-penneth, popping up with messages on the driver information screen in the dash. From advising you to take a rest and flashing warnings about ice, to telling you when to change gear and how not to disengage the clutch, it's full of worthy advice.

The gear change and not disengaging the clutch at higher revs are both useful and annoying in equal measure; useful because they are fuel-saving tips, and annoying because it effectively means the car has caught me out not driving in an efficient enough manner. Being touching distance from an average 60mpg has meant a more consciously efficient driving style wherever possible, and not shifting up before the car tells me is aggravating.

The ice warning chips in with a bing at 3°, which is a bit early to be honest, while the break warning is useful in a textbook way, and can be built into company car policies if fleets want to ensure drivers aren't on the road for too long between breaks.

Fortunately, you can turn off the warnings, but you're then missing out on the benefit as well as the irritation

Car Seat Leon ST 1.6 TDI SE Ecomotive

Mileage                                                                                       6911
P11D Price                                                                             £20,865
Our average consumption                                                     59.8mpg
Official combined consumption                                             74.3mpg
Forecast/actual cost per mile                                              43.2p/45.1