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Our Fleet Test Drive: Lexus CT200h - 2nd Report

Date: 21 May 2012   |   Author: Tony Rock

Consumption chart

Our hybrid Lexus CT200h relays a variety of visual real-time economy information via the instrument cluster and the satnav screen.

Firstly, there's the hybrid system indicator that's the green equivalent of a rev counter (which it changes to in Sport mode), allowing you to keep revs in the 'eco' or 'charge' zones, rather than the - tut-tut - 'power' one.

Then there are the moving diagrams, displayed in slightly different forms on both the satnav screen and the multi-information display that's part of the instrument cluster. These demonstrate when the vehicle is powered by the electric motor or engine, and when it is recharging the hybrid battery.

Lastly, and shown on the satnav screen, is a bar chart that presents minute-by-minute mpg data as well as how much energy has been regenerated. As a way of encouraging efficient driving, it's proving quite addictive, and you feel disappointed when the next vertical bar in the chart is lower than the previous one.