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Our Fleet Test Drive: BMW 330d Touring Luxury Auto - 9th Report

Date: 02 January 2014   |   Author:

A great little app
P11D: £37,355

I hadn't been able to play music through the 330d's USB port since upgrading to the new iPhone, until one day when I plugged my phone in to charge it from the USB and was prompted to download a new BMW app.

The only shame is that it hadn't been available earlier because I can now have everything from text messages to Facebook and Twitter updates appear both on the car's screen and read out to me in an automated voice that occasionally gets amusingly tripped up by some words.

The app also gives economy driving assessments and records your best score, as well as remembering the car's mileage and the amount of fuel remaining when it was last plugged in - handy for those who never remember to take a car's mileage when paying with a fuel card.

Other features include importing calendars and RSS news feeds, compatibility with the Connected Drive web-surfing system that comes with all media-specced BMWs, and a feature to help locate the car when it's parked, or navigation to continue a journey on foot.

It's great, and helps enhance the already excellent ownership experience on my 330d Touring.


  • Pretty much the perfect all-rounder
  • P11D and option prices