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BusinessCar's top 20 cars of the Frankfurt motor show

Date: 19 September 2007

The best of what Europe's biggest motor show had to offer

20 Mitsubishi CX

A baby version of the Outlander. On sale: 2009.

19 Peugeot 308 RCZ

Low cost rival to the Audi TT. On sale: 2009.

18 VW Up

Concept for a city car. On sale: By the end of the decade.

17 Dodge Journey

Seven-seat MPV-cum-4x4. On sale: September 2008.

16 C-class Estate

Mercedes' UK bosses are trying to bring forward the launch. On sale: Spring 2008.

15 Laguna Coupe

A much better looking, coupe concept of new Laguna. On sale: Autumn 2008.

14 Grand Voyager

Interior innovation for new model. On sale: February 2008.

13 Citroen Airscape

Concept convertible. The front shows how the next C5 will look. On sale: 2008.

12 Vauxhall Agila

Cutesy city car replacement for boxy MPV-style predecessor. On sale: March 2008.

11 Honda Accord

Sport Tourer Concept will be the next Accord. Sleeker, classier styling replaces outright space. On sale: Late summer 2008.

10 Ford Focus

What is it? A mid-life freshen-up, though Ford says the roof is the only piece of bodywork carried over.

Why is it important to business? The number one corporate seller in the first half of this year takes on the front-end look of the new Mondeo, but the rear's less noticeably changed.

When will it go on sale? January 2008.

Other info: The 1.6-litre TDCI diesel has been re-engineered to emit just 119g/km of CO2. There will also be a 115g/km version under the brand's new Econetic programme.

9 Toyota IQ

What is it? One of the true surprises of the Frankfurt motor show - an all-new city car from Toyota.

Why is it important to business? Toyota's IQ may only be a concept but it's expected to get the green light for production next year, becoming a four-seat rival to Smart's Fortwo.

When will it go on sale? Late 2009.

Other info: Clever interior design means class-leading space in a body that's smaller than any competitor.

8 BMW 1-series Coupe

What is it? A BMW 1-series - only this one is less practical and more stylish.

Why is it important to business? User-choosers will now have even more choice from their favourite brand. It's the second prestige small coupe after the Mercedes C-class Sports Coupe, itself due to be replaced in a little over a year's time.

When will it go on sale? Oct 2007.

Other info: The 1-series Coupe sees the arrival of a new hot diesel, the 123d, powered by a twin-turbo 2.0-litre also headed for other BMWs.

7 Ford Verve

What is it? Though only a concept at this stage, it's not the world's biggest leap of faith to spot the Fiesta replacement lurking beneath.

Why is it important to business? Fiesta was the best-selling fleet supermini in the first half of this year, and third overall. Expect the production version at next spring's Geneva show.

When will it go on sale? Late 2008.

Other info: The internal debate at Ford is still raging as to whether to stick with the Verve name, keep Fiesta or plump for something else.

6 Mazda 6

What is it? An all-new and more aggressively styled version of the Japanese brand's Ford Mondeo rival.

Why is it important to business? It's the biggest-selling corporate model in Mazda's range and the replacement for the car that first brought the brand to serious business attention.

When will it go on sale? January 2008.

Other info: The 6 will again be available in saloon, hatchback and estate form, with the hatchback most popular.

5 BMW X6

What is it? It's a coupe version of the all-conquering BMW X5 off-roader - only is still has the full compliment of five doors.

Why is it important to business? Any new model from BMW has to be taken seriously. Boardroom members and owners of smaller businesses will be queuing up for this rival to the Range Rover Sport.

When will it go on sale? Summer 2008.

Other info: BMW is promising a hybrid version of the X6 (in 2010) to keep the environmentally lobby happy.

4 VW Tiguan

What is it? Volkswagen's belated entry into the 4x4 segment and its second off-roader, joining the bigger Touareg.

Why is it important to business? VW's position as a semi-premium brand should mean decent quality and whole-life costs in a growing and increasingly competitive sector.

When will it go on sale? February 2008.

Other info: There will be two distinct front-end styling treatments, one offering greater ground clearance for off-roading.

3 Ford Kuga

What is it? Ford's belated entry into the 4x4 segment, bizarrely using a name that sounds like its Cougar coupe of the 1990s.

Why is it important to business? It's from the UK's leading fleet manufacturer. Toyota Rav4, Honda CR-V and the rest should be worried, given Ford's history of fine-handling niche models such as the Mini-MPV S-max.

When will it go on sale? May 2008.

Other info: Only the 2.0-litre diesel will be available from launch, with others including an auto and the 2.5-litre turbo petrol to follow.

2 Jaguar XF

What is it? The eagerly-anticipated and stunning replacement for the ageing S-type exec saloon. Touted as the latest saviour of Jaguar.

Why is it important to business? S-type is showing its age, and the XF is an attempt to drag the Brit brand into the new century and give the BMW 5-series and Audi A6 something to worry about.

When will it go on sale? April 2008.

Other info: Classy interior includes pop-up auto gear selector, rotating vents that close when the engine's turned off and a touch-free glove box that opens by sensor.

1 Audi A4

What is it? The all-new version of what's now fleet's most popular compact executive saloon, outselling BMW's 3-series.

Why is it important to business? Despite the same-again styling, the A4 is bound to create another surge of interest in the fast-growing Audi brand. Expect low-CO2 versions among the model range.

When will it go on sale? Spring 2008.

Other info: The current A4 is heading for what's going to be close to a record sales year in 2007, despite the looming replacement.