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BusinessCar Office Blog: 24 July 2009 - It was me

Date: 24 July 2009   |   Author: Tristan Young

BusinessCar Office, yesterday

Last week one of my colleagues filled this blog with a rant about the person who keeps turning off the voice on our satnav-equipped long term test cars. I therefore feel it is only proper that I have the right to reply.

The reason is quite simple. Although satnav is designed to get you to places you've never been before, it can also be used in other ways.

And it's one of these other ways that I most commonly use satnav. I tend to set the nav system even if I know where I'm going so that I can see how long the journey's going to take given the traffic (which most of our satnav systems now take account of). Because I know where I'm going I don't want the satnav woman that I don't need to leave at every exit of the M1 on when I'm going to Newcastle. But I do want to know how long it's going to take.

And there are two aspects to this too, not only does it show me if I've got time for a coffee on route, but you can then play the 'beat the satnav' game.

This involves seeing if you can pick a route that's quicker than the one the satnav suggests. Generally it depends on the car. In my long term Volvo XC60 it's generally possible to win as the system takes some very odd routes sometimes. In other systems you never win.

Either way, it's one more thing to relieve the tedium of long journeys.