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Techies 2010 - Best Green Development, Manufacturers: Fiat Eco:Drive Fleet

Date: 24 August 2010

Launched in March, Fiat's Eco:Drive Fleet tool monitors both consumption and emissions, and can deliver up to 15% savings in both, according to the manufacturer.

After downloading the free Eco:Drive application from the car maker's website, users can record driving style information by plugging any USB stick into the Blue&Me infotainment system port found on all new Fiat models.

The company says the software helps optimise the fuel consumption and safety of fleets by measuring the mileage data for all vehicles and displaying it for vehicles or drivers, either individually or collectively.

It also automatically updates the database with management costs and the mileage count for maintenance intervals, and evaluates driving behaviour and its impact on fuel consumption before offering tips on becoming an eco-driver, with step-by-step tutorials giving tailored advice on how to further develop technique based on journey information.

There are two Highly Commendeds. Ford's new Econo Check service provides a vehicle inspection and analysis of driving style plus advice on how to improve economy, which helps cut fuel bills by up to a claimed 25%. Toyota, meanwhile, is taking hybrids to the mainstream market as the first manufacturer to offer one based on a conventional model. The Auris Hybrid Synergy Drive has better RVs than its petrol and diesel siblings.