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Best Sporting Car - Audi TT

Date: 24 January 2007

Audi TT

You obviously approve of the way Audi chose to replace its most recognisable model, with the TT adding Sporting car of the year to its User-chooser car of the year title.

One of the most desirable, attainable cars on sale has been successful reinvented and is now a more rewarding car to drive as well as to be seen in.

It's also surprisingly practical with a decent-sized boot, although no adult will thank you for making them spend too much time in the tiny rear seats.

The new TT range, currently standing at just two engine options, will be expanded later this year, firstly with the addition of the Roadster variant. Looking further ahead, expect a four-wheel drive version of the 2.0-litre turbo model, which would cure the slight tyre scrabble in greasy conditions, while rumours continue to circulate about the TT getting its first diesel engine, although nothing has yet been confirmed.

A honourable mention goes to Jaguar's XK. The brilliant new coupe was voted in second in both this category and the User chooser car of the year, a reflection of the big cat's successful introduction and positive reaction.